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UHB Unique Clear Enzyme (Intro page)

A Solution for Food Crisis   

Pesticides are environmental pollutants. Excessive use reduces the productivity of the land and threatens the safety of food and water sources. UHB Unique Clear Enzyme degrades pesticide residues to safeguard food and water supply.

The First Commercial Enzymatic Pesticide bio-degradation technology:

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is a form of Organophosphorus hydrolase, an enzyme which catalyses the hydrolysis of phosphorus ester bonds (P-O, P-F, P-CN, P-S, P-Cl) found in toxic and ubiquitous organophosphorus compounds.


Fast-acting and efficient (expand)

UHB Enzyme's degrades pesticides at up to 2450 times quicker than their natural degradation rates, and 107-1013 times faster than using an inorganic catalyst. That means that you need only to wait 20-30 minutes at room temperature for the enzyme to do its work.  

No secondary pollution (expand)

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is a food-grade, non-toxic protein designed to break down pesticides and other chemicals into simple, harmless substances that can serve as fertilizers for the soil.  

Easy to transport with longer shelf life (expand)

UHB Enzyme is manufactured and marketed in its dormant, granular form. Doing so stabilizes the enzyme and extends its shelf life to 3 years, facilitating storage and transportation. Dissolving the enzyme in water reactivates the enzyme.

Available product range:

Product series


UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Water Series

Water treatment facilities; In-situ bioremediation of water sources

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Soil Series

Dryland recovery and enzymatic remediation of soils

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Farm Series (Nurture)

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Farm Series (Restore)

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Farm Series (Livestock)

Enhancing commercial and subsistence agriculture

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Commercial Series (Industries)

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Commercial Series (Cuisines)

Pesticide removal in Food and beverages industry

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme Home Series

Food preparation at homes