Unique Clear Enzyme

Enjoy healthier, pesticide-free food that tastes better

Protect your family from pesticide residues in your food

Unique Clear Enzyme

(Home series)

  • Natural enzymatic food wash
  • Safe, convenient, and easy to use
  • Penetrates food to remove pesticide residues on the surface and inside of food
  • Good for the environment; harmless to living beings
  • Food tastes better - less bitterness
Available in boxes of 30 convenient 10g sachets

Simple to use at home

Dissolve a sachet in room temperature tap water
Soak food for 20 minutes, rinse dry, then cook or store

Suitable for all types of food

Fruits / Vegetables / Seafood / Meat / Mushrooms / Beans / Nuts / Rice / Grains

Myth #1

 Pesticides are found only in fruits and vegetables

Seafood, meat, rice, and beans contain pesticide residues too. Pesticides are often used on livestock, seafood, and meat to combat parasites like fleas and prolong their shelf lives.

Myth #2

 Salt and baking soda can remove pesticide residues

Most of these methods only focus on remove surface residues but some pesticides remain in the tissues of the food. While salt may be effective in killing bacteria, it is ineffective in breaking down pesticide residues.

Myth #3

 Organic food is free from pesticide residues

Organically grown crops often contain less residues, not free from it. Excluding the possibility of farmers using organically approved chemicals, traces of pesticides can still be found in the environment despite stringent regulations.

What we eat matters

While food is a natural source of nutrients our body needs, food commercially available now often contains pesticide residues. Pesticides are necessary for farmers and the food industry to achieve higher crop yields to cope with rising demand from a growing population.

Such pesticide residues will accumulate in our body and can over time, harm our health. How can we protect ourselves and our family from these pesticide residues?

A Scientific Breakthrough

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is the culmination of years of research on an enzymatic approach to neutralising pesticide residues using Organophosphorus hydrolase enzyme. This enzyme in its natural, intrinsic form, is capable of catalysing the hydrolysis of phosphorus-ester bonds (P-O, P-F, P-CN, P-S, P-CI) found in Organophosphate compounds - a key component in pesticides.

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is capable of hydrolysing organophosphates at 2450 times the natural rates of degradation. It can also breakdown common pesticides such as carbamates, pyrethroids and organochlorines.

All byproducts are harmless and thus will not cause any secondary pollution. UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is 100% safe, food grade and eco-friendly.

Our Commitment

We care strongly about our impact on our planet, its ecosystem and environment, and the living beings on it. That’s why we work so hard to use only natural ingredients in our products that will not harm your environment and your body. Our research efforts and our products, work to deliver the right nutrients and balance to your body, so you’ll enjoy radiant natural beauty and longlasting health benefits.

Choose better for you and our planet.