Natural plant-based hair colours that nourishes your hair

Experiment with a new look

Relucènce adds rich natural accents to your hair for subtle, chic, and elegant tones that complement your style and personality. Essential oils and herbal infusion nourish your hair to give it a healthy, radiant finish. No conditioning required.

Perfect Care
Relucènce Hair Colour Cream

  • Long-lasting colours with an elegant finish
  • Essential oils and herbal extracts for smooth, radiant tresses
  • Soothing floral fragrance with a hint of herbal aroma
  • No harmful chemicals; No pungent smell
  • Suitable for all hair types; sensitive skin

Colour range

Sesame Black
Cocoa Brown
Prune Purple
Cherry Red

Simple to use at home

One set of Relucence is required for each application on shoulder length hair. To achieve more intense colour, repeat usage. For prolonged colour retention, wash your hair with UHB Daily Shampoo.

Apply equal portions of Gold + Silver, massage onto damp hair
Leave for at least 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly

More than colours - Beauty with a flair

Illuminate your personality and confidence with the perfect hair and colour. Relucènce cares for your strands while imparting its hues with herbal and essential oil infusion. Your hair will be so much smoother with Relucènce - No conditioning is needed!

Creative colouring with Relucènce four shades

Relucènce’s colours are formulated with customisation in mind. The colours of Relucènce can be blended to form other hues. Colour intensity can be adjusted by using more Relucènce, using a hairdryer, or increasing application time.

Our Commitment

We care strongly about our impact on our planet, its ecosystem and environment, and the living beings on it. That’s why we work so hard to use only natural ingredients in our products that will not harm your environment and your body. Our research efforts and our products, work to deliver the right nutrients and balance to your body, so you’ll enjoy radiant natural beauty and longlasting health benefits.

Choose better for you and our planet.