Pesticides in our fruits and vegetables

Farmers typically apply pesticides on their vegetable and fruit crops to combat insect infestations. However, such pesticides contain organophosphorus compounds which are detrimental to human health and environment. Consumption of such pesticide-ridden vegetables and fruits will lead to the accumulation of pesticide residues in the human body as it cannot be easily expelled or broken down by the body’s metabolic processes. Overtime, the accumulation of pesticide residues in the body significantly increases the risk of the individual contracting leukaemia and other types of cancer. Expectant women, infants as well as young children are especially susceptible to this. Pesticide residues can be transmitted to foetuses through expectant women, or to newborns through breast-feeding. This can lead to genetic mutation, birth defects, and the manifestation of cancer in newborns.


How does it work

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is the solution for a safe and healthy environment free of pesticide residues and other chemicals. Developed using biotechnology, it effectively degrades, detoxifies and removes pesticide residues from within as well as the surface of vegetables and fruits at 2450 times faster than natural rates of degradation. The resulting vegetables and fruits are no longer harmful to the human body and is safe for consumption.

UHB Unique Clear Enzyme is a food-grade, protein-rich, edible, safe-for-consumption product that is non-toxic, odourless, does not cause skin irritations and is harmless to the environment.





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